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The ultimate DIY and personalised keepsake for Father's Day! This cute print makes such a gorgeous keepsake and is the perfect gift from children or grandchildren to their loved father figure. Let us personalise the print with the names of whom it is from, and then email you the file to print yourself, and use as many times as you like! Then create your own bunch of colourful balloons with simply your fingers and paint! Anyone who receives this personalised and gorgeous handmade creation will be touched this Father's Day! This personalised print includes the phrase " My Fingers Might Be Small But I Can Still Wrap Daddy Around Them". It also includes a "Happy Father's Day" message and the year. The final file with your personalised details will be sent via email, and will be at a resolution of 300dpi (dots per inch). The final file is suited to an A4 size print (or you can use an 8 x 10" frame also), however you are welcome to print this whatever size you like and as many times as you like. We recommend you don't print it any larger than A3 due to the resolution it is designed to suit. We also recommend you print on at least a 200gsm card stock so that the paint won't be absorbed into the card and make the card warp. Gloss card stock also works well and the paint dries very quickly on the surface. The final file is emailed only and supplied as a high resolution JPEG file only. Please also let us know the email address you would like your final file sent to. NB: There is also an option to purchase this design as an actual personalised print to suit an 8 x 10" frame, which you can also personalise yourself with paint. All prints are printed on 220gsm white gloss card and are to suit an 8 x 10" frame. (Colour and Spice takes no responsibility for poor print quality or low resolution output on larger sized print outs due to printing equipment, inks or card stock used but the purchaser). FOR CUSTOM ORDERS: Please leave your details for your print in the below box.

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