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Personalised Photo Jigsaw Puzzle - Acrylic

This unique personalised photo puzzle is perfect for gifting to so many, for so many reasons or occasions. A perfect way to send loved memories in the form of images, and to encourage creative play for all ages. Simply add your personalised text or message and complete this gorgeous photo puzzle with your heartfelt words. 

Products details: 

  • Made from acrylic and cured UV inks
  • Total puzzle and surrounds measure approximately 18cm w x 25cm h
  • Packed securely for safe transit

Details Required:

  • Clear photo of your choice - please see photo requirements below
  • Main text for above heart (eg: Happy Mother's Day)
  • Text for script font (eg: love from)
  • Name/s of who the puzzle is from (eg: Grace & Lilah xo)

The text "love from" will also remain at the base of the design unless otherwise advised.

Image Upload Requirements:

Simply click on the 'upload' button and select your image to upload.
  1. Strictly one image only per photo puzzle.
  2. Please ensure your image is cropped to a square image. Images uploaded that are not square in layout, will be cropped to a square image by us. No responsibility will be taken for cropping the wrong section if the original image is not already provided in a square format.
  3. Image files that we accept are jpeg or png. 
  4. Please ensure the image size you upload is a maximum of 10MB. Please also note that the clearer the image you upload, the better the print quality will be.
  5. Please ensure the images you upload are yours or you have the rights to the images you upload for us to print. If you are unsure please refer to out Terms & Conditions for more information. It is important that you take into consideration intellectual property and copyright laws.

We print with high quality curable UV inks that are water and scratch resistant, ensuring the finish is durable and of the highest quality.

These will be shipped in approximately 10 business days from the date of order.

All laser cut and UV printed products are designed and made from our studio in Melbourne! 

Includes FREE shipping Australia wide!